Paul Wolke playing a guitar
Paul Wolke
Web Designer & Developer — Musician & Photographer


Here are a few examples of my professional and personal photography. Hope you enjoy them.

Talking about yourself isn't fun

Everyday I’m a creative person. Every other day I’m a technical person. I care about the color of pixels on screens and attentive to semantic code. I play with admin areas and find ways to make them better for others that need to administer things, too. My day job requirements fit me well managing the imagery and functionality of an e-commerce website through a platform that that does better with a few creative tweaks. Much of the design and development work that employs my daytime hours is spent communicating. No one ever teaches you this in design school, but have come to learn that it’s one of the most valuable tools in my profession. It saves countless hours of work and sets realistic expectations for teams of people.

Outside of the things I do regularly for money, I stay focused on creative and technical things. I guess it’s who I am. Family and home keep me happy and occupied. Writing music and designing sounds keep me inspired. I record using Apple’s Logic and Propellerhead’s Reason. They each have their place in the style of music that I produce and there are some articles in my blog that go into this. I play keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and a slew of percussive sounding instruments. Yes, just about anything can be a percussive instrument.

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