Mountain Song – a thematic musical journey

About once a year I like to get out to my sister’s cabin in the mountains to write music for a few days. It’s the perfect getaway. A rustic cabin with amazing acoustics, running water, electricity and a killer fireplace. There’s a view out the back that will leave you quiet and reflective. A trip there this spring yielded a song that I hadn’t intendeds to write. A good friend of mine joined me and brought along his drums. When we realized we didn’t have all the technical equipment to get a decent multi-track recording done, we improvised and took advantage of the the space’s sound. Wide open mics capturing as much, if not more, room sound than direct the direct sound. The space was the inspiration of the sound and the song.

Some of the items at the cabin played a big part in the music. Sounds were created by tapping and banging many items found there. Most notably is the sound of two logs being slammed together to capture a hollow woody tone that embelishes the snare drum. And almost as a right of passage, those logs were burned after recording.