For Dad

This song was written in February 2018 and is purely an emotional and creative expression of my love and adoration for my father.

This piece is a variation on a chord progressions I use all the time. The guitar is in a standard tuning and has a capo on the 2nd fret. It was more about learning to play with the simpler pieces to serve as a reminder of how simply my Dad always had me look at life.

My Dad recently passed away. During the weeks leading up to this time, friends and family came without provocation to see him. I know in his final days he was happy to be surrounded by loved ones spending time with him, just being themselves, and caring for him in every way and any way they could.

I have so many amazing memories of my Dad throughout my 50 years. Most recently I’ve been combing through old slides and seeing what life was like before I can recall any memories. And ya know what? There are no surpises at all. He was always a loving and caring father.

Forty plus years ago not everyone had cameras at their disposal the way we do today. So, pictures are precious. Unstaged moments, captured on film that exposed images the way old film cameras did, elevate these memories to near movie-like status. That magic of film lends itself well to the memories of growing up - telling a story as though you’re watching it in a movie.

I’m happy to let these memories take over and encompass my thoughts. I’d go as far to say that they should do that on a regular basis so as to stay in touch with those thoughts and feelings and in a way, stay in touch with him.

I love you, Dad. I always will. And I know you know that.

My Dad

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