Recording Volley

A long distance remote recording experiment!

Hey man! Let’s record a song together!

My good friend Dave and I have recorded a bunch of songs together over the years. The challenge lately is that we don’t live close to one another. We’re hours apart. Getting together once every year or two has yielded some great recordings. However, collaboration doesn’t always wait for the occasional get-together.

For some time we’ve talked about the idea of recording a song remotely – volleying parts back and forth. We’ve struggled with getting this off the ground until recently when Dave started posting Facebook live videos documenting his process of recording and producing music. The idea of capturing each take with video injected a “live” feeling back into a recording process – something that’s so easily lost when you’re recording and producing alone.

And we were off an running.

In a week’s time, we sent takes back and forth of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, more guitars, and percussion. It was truly an energizing experience. There were new things learned about managing creativity, setting technology standards, and finding new ways to collaborate when you don’t have the ability to be in the same physical space at the same time with the same equipment.

Dave has produced the video at the top of this article from all the takes that we’ve shared back and forth.

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