An easygoing acoustic guitar track

Accepting that feelings of vulnerability are a natural by-product of sharing something so close to your heart, you put it out there and sometimes what you get back in return is filled with riches otherwise unknown.

There are times when something simple works. When something simple is all that’s needed. When something simple helps reconnect you to what’s important.

This idea came up very quickly. After a few minutes with some chord changes and simple finger-picking style it sounded pretty cool. It’s rare that I have the time to capture ideas as they happen, but was lucky enough to be able to do just that. Two mics on a single guitar recorded as a stereo track through some nice pre-amps and some new API plug-ins. A second acoustic track panned left to add a little thickness, a bass guitar, and finally some harmonic plucks finished off the piece.

This song is paired nicely with a campfire and good friends on a warm summer evening.

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