I am a creative professional working with digital imagery, websites, photography, music, and audio recording for over 20 years. I am the owner & operator of Pixels & Waves LLC - a creative company offering services in graphic design, web design, photography, custom music, and audio production.

I have a wanderlust wife and two amazing children that keep me inspired and on my toes. Add to the mix a few slightly crazy dogs and there’s always something going on.

In my free time, often when my family is asleep, I write and record music. I produce a variety of styles of music from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to, ambient electronic music, to heavy alternative rock. I post some my music here on this site under the category of music. Some of my music is available under royalty-free license on Pond5. I am available for custom commisioned music. Please visit pixelsandwaves.com for more information.

Photography is near and dear to me. I have a few side projects related to taking pictures. iliketotake.pictures is a simple website that holds a few photos. Reallife.pictures, is another. Many of the photos you see there are avaible to download for free on Unsplash.

I’m just as passionate about building websites. I like to write clean acessible code that executes efficiently. This site is an example of that. I am using Hugo to build the site with a theme called PaperMod. This site is hosted on Netlify.

I like sharing the equipment and tools I use. My uses page lists much of what I use to make things.

How To Contact Me