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I am a creative professional working with digital imagery, web design, photography, music, and audio recording for over 20 years.

I have a wanderlust wife and two beautiful daughters that keep me inspired and on my toes. Add two three slightly crazy dogs to the mix and there’s always something going on.

In my free time, often when my family is asleep, I write and record music. I produce a variety of styles of music from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to ambient electronic music. I post some samples of my music here on this site under the category of Music. You can find a more details on my music at pixelsandwaves.com. Much of my music is available under royalty-free license on Pond5.

Photography is near and dear to me. I have a few side projects related to taking pictures. iliketotake.picture is a simple website that holds a few photos. Reallife.pictures, is another. Both of these sites are built and maintained by me. Many of the photos you see there are avaible for free on Unsplash.

Staying connected to tech is important to me. This site is an example of that. Over the past few years, I’ve become a big fan of the “JAM” stack and have adopted using Static Site Generators almost exlcusively. I’m building this website with a static site generator called Hugo.

For those questions that ask what equipment and software I use, please see my uses page.

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