Everyday I’m a creative person. Every other day I’m a technical person.

During the day I work as a web and graphic designer for M&M’S® Retail. Here I do design work for mymms.com. This includes everyday front end graphic design, HTML, CSS and Javasript programming. I also do much of the photography for their website. My tools of the trade include Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom on the design and photography side and Atom on the programming side.

Outside of work, family and home keep me busy and happy. I have an amazing family and 3 crazy dogs. There’s no shortage of daily insanity and I don’t think I would want it any other way.

In my free time, often when family is asleep, I write and produce music. I use Logic Pro and Reason as the tools for this. They each offer an environment that tends to move the direction of music in a certain way. When writing alone, the software is my main collaborator. So the ease in which certain tools are available shape the songs and sounds just based on the user experiences that are available. Logic is a more traditional Digital Audio Workstation that leaves the creation in the hands of the human. Reason provides a bucket of tricks that make it very easy to create thing you didn’t plan on creating. I consider Logic my “professional” choice. Reason is “fun and fast” and leads me down paths of experimentation.

I like to stay connected to tech to help me in my professional and personal work and hobbies. Working on a websites keeps me connected technically. This site is an example of that. I’m using a static website generator called Hugo. You can learn more about why I write this website and the technology I use.