Every day I’m a creative person. Every other day I’m a technical person.

I am a creative professional working with digital imagery, web design, web development and photography for 20 years.

During the day I work as a front-end web developer and graphic designer for M&M’S Retail. There I do design work for mymms.com. This includes everyday graphic design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. I also do much of the photography for this website. Daily I’ll be creating images and retouching photos in Photoshop, drawing vector graphics in Illustrator, and managing photo assets Lightroom. I use VS Code for the daily frontend development of and maintenance the site. My portfilio site can be found at tallandbald.com.

I have a wanderlust wife and two beautiful daughters that keep me inspired and on my toes. As a family we stay busy and have fun. We work hard at school and activities and we also focus on things that we enjoy both individually and as a family.

In my free time, often when my family is asleep, I write and record music. I record a variety of styles of music from contemporary acoustic guitar to ambient electronic music. I post many samples of my music here on this site under the category of Music. Some of my music is available under royalty-free license at Pond5.

I’ve recently released an acoustic album that’s available on Bandcamp. You can find that release here on my website. For inquiries on licensed or pay-to-own music, I am currently accepting commission work. Please use the contact form below for commission music inquiries.

I like to stay connected to tech to help me in my professional and personal work and hobbies. Working on websites keeps me connected technically. This site is an example of that. I’m building this website with a static site generator called Hugo. I’ve become a big fan of static site generators. You can find out more about my experience with Hugo here.

If you’re looking for the things I use on a daily basis, head over to my uses page.

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