Everything Old Is New Again

Written on Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020 in Personal

Yup! Another redesign.

I like to build things, take them apart, and rebuild them. Let’s be honest, sometimes I end at the “taking it apart” stage. This can be a hindrance. Other times, however, it can be a great way to build on the things I’ve learned. Here’s a few things I’ve learned with this redesign.

I’m Still Using Hugo

For those of you that just tilted your head slightly, much the way a puppy looks at you when confused, Hugo is a static site generator that helps make it easier to manage content on sites without the need for a database. Learn more about Hugo.

I’ve had subsequent redesigns that never saw the light of day. These iterations have mostly been plain old HTML, CSS, and JS with no frameworks or generators. I realized quickly that if I want to regularly create content on this site, I’m going to need some automation to move that along. I tried using Eleventy, and although I adore this generator, it wasn’t the right fit for me. Hugo provides a balance of being a natural fit and a raw challenge every time I use it. And my love/hate relationship with JavaScript is much more on the hate side at the moment.

Not All Content Will Make It

Not every post from the previous design will make it. Partly because things will need reformatting and that takes time. Partly because there are some posts that are not as relevant any more. Also, I’ve recently redesigned another website at pixelsandwaves.com. This a site that focuses on the creation and appreciation of all things multimedia. Much of the music content from this site will migrate there over time.

Publishing on the Web Requires No “Approval”

Although this is nothing new, I’ll always be enamored with the reality that you can create something and put it out here for the world to see and you don’t need to have someone’s approval to do this. This instance is all done for free. Yes, I have the tools to experience to build and maintain this site. But there is no costly database. A static site generator offeres that flexibility. Netlify offers an amazing hosting platform for for SSG sites.

And So It Goes

This blog will continue to house opinions and views that are fiercely my own.

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